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LUMIN Music Server Review

Christ Connaker, Computer Audiophile 22-8-2013M


The Pixel Magic Lumin network player is the most polished network player I've ever used. The sound quality is exquisitely analog much like spinning a vinyl album. Lush and vivid are terms that describe the sound of music streamed through the Lumin player. What makes this player so polished is the terrific design and implementation of its software. This is a DLNA renderer / DAC and that's all the device is designed to accomplish with its embedded Linux operating system. Playback of high resolution PCM and DSD files is a breeze. Gapless playback that eludes so many players in this category works flawlessly with the Lumin. The iPad control point application is intuitive and simply works every time. Lumin is the network player by which all others should be judged. A definite leader on the Computer Audiophile Suggested Hardware List .

Joel Chevassus, March 2013
Conclusion. This Chinese newcomer is set to radically alter the current hierarchy of dedicated audio computer solutions. It's the first if its kind that had me seriously contemplate to permanently switch to virtual media without any compromise in sound quality. The Lumin outclassed the very best CD/SACD transports where it could have safely stopped and grinned. But it pushed onwards and up by opening the doors to what for me was the most exciting audio experience I've yet had: DSD streaming? To complete the picture, the Chinese streamer also offers a very convenient iPad UPnP app that found itself highly appreciated by many diehard Linn users.

In short, this DSD streamer outclassed anything I've heard at home or beyond. Whilst I dislike such expressions, it proved to be a keen Linn killer. About 10 listeners who heard my loaner sold off their Linn streamers to buy the new kid in town. A few prerequisites like configuring a NAS with Minimserver are mandatory and will call for minimal IT skills from the installer or user. It's no harder than any other streamer setup except perhaps the Squeezebox which remains the king of easy. Beyond its outstanding sound quality, the Lumin also gets the most elevated marks for user-friendliness, aesthetics, versatility and evolutionary capacities – not bad for the maiden release from a rising Hong Kong company I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more of in the near future! My experience with it became such a personal enjoyment that it proved impossible not to convert my loaner into my new digital reference. Considering the nearly unbelievable price/performance ratio, I give it a most enthusiastic award!

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