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EgglestonWorks Andra III

The Andra III

Few names in Audio are as iconic as the EgglestonWorks Andra.. The original Andra met with immediate critical acclaim winning Stereophile’s prestigious Speaker of the Year.
The Andra III established a new path for the EgglestonWorks line in terms of materials, driver units, crossover networks, and cosmetics. The rest of the line follows the Andra III’s lead in every aspect of design. During the evolution of the Andra, EgglestonWorks has balanced the quest for improvements with a careful respect for an award-winning design.
Quite often an updated speaker model can either leave customers wondering what changes were actually made, or the new model can be so different that the name is all that remains of the original. With the Andra III, balancing these two approaches was paramount.
With a fanatical attention to detail and careful analysis, the EgglestonWorks team is proud to continue to produce a speaker worthy of such lofty lineage.
Tweeter: Single – 1” dome
Midrange: Dual – 6” carbon fiber cone
Bass: Dual – 12” poly cone
Frequency Response: -3dB @18Hz – 24,000Hz
Efficiency: 88dB
Impedance: 8 Ohms nominal, 6 Ohms minimum
Footprint: 15” x 18” x 44” H
Weight: 220lbs.




AudioAsylum By Aurelien

I have owned quite a lot of high-end speakers and heard most of them. I have spent the last year listening to as many systems as I could. Some of them were excellent. But each time, there was a "little something" that was not perfect. Not long ago, the miracle happened! Listening to the Egglestoneworks Andra III was a fascinating experience. A few minutes were enough to understand that something very special was happening. I could use many words but, as English is not my mother language, let me make is short: it was just indiscernible from the live experience! I have bought the speakers that are now at home, getting even better each day.

The Bass extensions is just incredible (-3db@18Hz !!!), the power, physical impact, speed and deepness in the extreme low frequencies is just beyond words !
The medium is extremely refined. It is truly the first time in my audiophile life I hear such a lively and natural violin sound. Human voices are also just like "real ones".
Finally the high-frequencies are just fantastic. Without this "sharp edge" I have experienced with my previous speakers using a diamond dome. Very detailed but never aggressive.

The coherence of the registers is so convincing that one immediately forgets about the speakers and gets involved in the music itself.

Is it the best speaker I have heard to date (including some costing $ 100000)? YES !
Is it really truly perfect? Probably not! The efficiency, for example, is good but not huge (I would not use a SET amp).

Both as a researcher in physics (this is my job) and as a music lover (this is my main hobby), I give those speakers my highest recommendation. Andra I and Andra II were "full range stereophile class A", I have no doubt the Andra III will also be (will they create the A+ range for them :-) ?) !

Product Weakness: Difficult to get back to another speaker after having heard this one !
Product Strengths: The best speaker I have heard to date (including much more expensive ones)



EgglestonWorks@Wisseloord Studios, NL.


EgglestonWorks@GatewayMastering By Bob Ludwig

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