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32 bit High End Audio DAC. With ever more different services for listening to music becoming available, a good quality DAC is almost a necessity for any music lover. What the HD11 can do to improve the sound, even from compressed streaming services, is extraordinary. What it can do to upgrade a high quality CD-transport or a well configured computer is beyond imagination. The secret to the HD11's unique qualities lies in Hegel's proprietary re-clocking technology and our unique implementation of the best chips available on the market today. While most DAC's on the market are more or less the same, Hegel takes pride in designing the products from the bottom. Hegel is one of very few high end audio manufacturers in the world with the know-how and capacity to design both the analogue and the digital stage of the components. That allows us use the best available chips in an optimal way, and to develop new technology where necessary.

In short, with the HD11 you get one of the most advanced DAC's available on the market and get the very best from all your digital music. Whether it is mp3, Swedish docudrama on TV or full HD 24 bit music on the PC. A rather unique functionality in the HD11 is that you are able to remote control computers that are connected to the USB port. If you start a play list you can use the HD11's remote control to start/pause and browse around in your play list. No installation is necessary, and it works on both PC, MAC and most different types of media players. This include most streaming services like Spotify or Rhapsody.

The HD11 uses the latest technology with a 32 bit DAC-chip inside. This and other components are carefully chosen after testing and comparing everything on the market. The HD11 uses only the best, regardless of the price. The USB port on the HD11 is for computer connection. The HD11 has a built-in computer soundcard of very high quality. By moving the soundcard outside the computer you reduce noise. Combined with Hegel's advanced jitter reduction technology the sound is vastly improved compared to the on-board soundcard in the computer.

The HD11 is, as all Hegel soundcards , a Plug&Play unit. No extra drivers needs to be installed on newer MAC's or PC's. HD11 uses generic drivers so the computer will immediately recognize it and install it within seconds. The HD11 accepts up to 24 bit / 96 kHz signals over USB, and 24 bit / 192 kHz signals over optical and coaxial spdif connectors.

Technical Details

Digital inputs spdif: Coaxial / optical up to 24bit 192kHz
Digital inputs USB: up to 24bit 96kHz
Dac IC/digital filter: 32 bit
Output signal level: 2.5V RMS (at 0dBFS) both RCA and XLR
Digital inputs: 2 coaxial, 1 optical and 1 USB-B
Analog outputs: XLR balanced and RCA / phono unbalanced
Frequency response: 0Hz - 50kHz
Phase response: Linear phase analog filter
Noise floor: -140dB
Distortion: Typically less than 0.0007%
Power supply: Internal toroidal transformer and 30.000uF caps
Dimensions / weight: 6cm x 21cm x 26cm (HxWxD) / 3,5kg
Dimensions/weight US: 2.35" x 8.3" x 10.24" (HxBxD), weight 6.6 lbs







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