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The HD20 offers a significant improvement compared to its little brothers. Both in terms of sound quality and functionality. The HD20 has both USB inputs as well as regular coaxial and optical spdif inputs. The HD20 also has a Hegel system remote control that can be used to control the HD20 as well as other Hegel components. The big thing with Hegel digital to analog converters is that we are able to get very high quality sound from standard audio players like computers or iPOD type units. The problem with these common players is that they send out the digital data in an uneven rate. This is called jitter, and results in a smeared sound with less dynamics and detail. The Hegel DAC's incorporates technology that store the data stream and build it up again in exactly the correct rhythm. Thus reducing the effects of the quality of both the computer and the digital cable. The HD20 also has a new impedance matching technology developed by Hegel. With this we can adjust for the less than perfect impedance in normal RCA digital cables. This further reduce the jitter, resulting in increased precision.

With the remote control (supplied) you can switch between the different inputs, dim the display or adjust the volume level. The HD20 has a high performance digital pre amplifier, fully capable of driving a high end power amplifier. A rather unique functionality in the HD20 is that you are able to remote control computers that are connected to the USB port. If you start a play list you can use the HD20's remote control to start/pause and browse around in your play list. No installation is necessary, and it works on both PC, MAC and most different types of media players. Including most streaming services like Spotify or Rhapsody.

The HD20 has a high resolution 24 bit / 192 kHz D/A-Converter inside, and can play native 192 kHz from it's coaxial and optical inputs. It also has the capability to stream high definition 24 bit / 96 kHz audio files over USB. The HD20 is, as all Hegel soundcards, a Plug&Play unit. No extra drivers are needed. It will automatically work on both PC's and MAC. HD20 uses generic drivers so the computer will immediately recognize it and install it within seconds.

Technical Details

Dac resolution: 24bit / 192 kHz multilevel sigma-delta DAC
0dBFS signal output: 2,5V RMS
Digital inputs: 1*USB soundcard, 2*coaxial and 1*optical spdif
Line outputs: 1 pair of RCA unbalanced, 1 pair of XLR balanced
Frequency response: 0 Hz to 50 KHz
Phase response: Linear Phase Analogue filter
Noise floor: Minus 140 dB
Distortion: Typical 0,0007%
Power supply: Built-in torodial transformer, 30.000 uF capacitors
Dimensions/weight: 6cm * 21cm * 26 cm (H*W*D), 2,8 Kg
Dimensions/weight US: 2.35" x 8.3" x 10.24" (HxBxD), weight 6.6 lbs


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