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LINDEMANN musicbook: 25 DSD
network music player


The musicbook:25 DSD is equivalent to the musicbook:10 DSD, but has also an integrated streamer which can be comfortably operated via the musicbook: app and offers a lot of great features such as the onboard TIDAL and Qobuz streaming catalogs or native DSD playback. As a side note, it is also a USB digital-to-analog converter with a superb sound quality, which enables the music reproduction from the computer in studio mastering quality. Resolutions of up to 384 kHz PCM and DSD 256 are easily handled. Moreover, the musicbook:25 DSD contains an integrated CD player which convinces by its exceptional sound quality.

But the musicbook:25 DSD can do a lot more. The integrated analog preamp, which also doubles as an excellent headphone amp, allows the connection of a phono preamp and thus offers a consummate audiophile quality also with vinyl records.

In terms of technology the musicbook:25 DSD is definitely way ahead of the competition. Using a sophisticated recalculation all digital audio signals are converted into DSD 128/256, a data format which is highly esteemed by audiophiles worldwide. Thus the actual digital-analog conversion is reduced to a mere filtering of the DSD signal. This completely new approach is the secret behind the musicbook's exceptionally good sound.


The musicbook:25 DSD – perfection all the way, no compromises.

CD player
CD playback in perfection through DSD resampling.

DSD resampling
Discover the true sound of your music collection.

Internet radio
Access to 100.000+ stations and podcasts worldwide.

USB Audio Class 2
Music playback from your computer in studio quality.

Analog outputs
For connecting power amps or active speakers.

Music streaming from the network in hi-fi quality.

Bluetooth (aptX/AAC)
Perfect music streaming via smartphone/tablet.

Digital inputs
For connecting a TV, or your Bluray or CD player.

USB host
For connecting external USB storage media.

Headphone output
Analog headphone amp for excellent sound quality.

Analog inputs
For connecting a phono preamp or a tuner.

Gapless integrated streaming in hi-fi quality.

Analog remains analog. Ultra precise volume control.

Gapless integrated streaming in hi-fi quality.


The devices of the musicbook series are developed by a passionate team of experienced engineers in Germany and optimised soundwise with great care down to the last detail. The production in small series takes place at our company premises near Munich and every device is thoroughly checked prior to shipping. It’s our ambition to build audio devices which can bear any comparison both under sonic and technological aspects and are on par with the best in the world. This is why we do a lot of things in a slightly different and maybe also more tricky way than many a competitor. The love for detail and over 20 years of experience in the development of audio components are the precondition for that elusive plus in sound quality which sets the musicbook apart!

Digital/Analog Converter

The core element of the musicbook and therefore, in a way, its "heart" is the digital/analog converter. In the era of primarily digital music media, the sound quality of this module has a significant influence on the eventual sound quality of the whole chain. In this context it’s important that the converter be able to render recordings with the standard CD resolution as well as high-definition "HighRes" downloads in a sonically convincing manner. Here the requirements are indeed very different: whereas High-Res recordings are supposed to be reproduced as purely as possible (native or bit-perfect), it does make sense on the other hand to give the already somewhat outdated CD format an acoustic touch-up by means of post-processing. We’ve been attending to this issue really exhaustively! The musicbook has an intelligent, "committed" converter concept which recognizes data formats and treats them accordingly on an individual basis. In a first step recordings with CD resolution are upscaled synchronously to 88.2 kHz and 24 bit and also synchronized with the ultra stable master clock. Recordings with an 88.2 kHz resolution or higher will be handled "natively" without any processing. Since more than 95% of all recordings have a CD resolution, the acoustic benefit of this upstream processing step is huge! Recordings in CD quality thus receive a sonic excellence that can hardly be distinguished from genuine HighRes recordings and will greatly enhance large parts of your music collection. 

For the subsequent signal processing we use an upgraded version of the Anagram Sonic2 DSP system in the musicbook. During our listening checks this architecture could easily pull clear of other designs and is normally found only in products which cost many times more. For the musicbook we use a transient-optimised "minimum phase apodizing" filter. Another special feature is still the fully synchronous operation of the DSP on a central, ultra stable master clock (jitter < 250 femtoseconds). The actual conversion is performed at 352.8 kHz (or 384 kHz, depending on the input signal) by WM8742 converters from British specialist Wolfson. According to our listening experience, these elements are currently unsurpassable in terms of naturalness and musicality. The converters are run in dual differential mono mode. As analog filter stages we employ fully balanced amplifier modules from the studio sector, which contribute to the extreme resolution of the D/A converter.


Soundwise no less important than the high-resolution D/A converter is the fully balanced analog preamp. Two analog inputs allow to connect signal sources like phono preamps or tape recorders. The two analog outputs can be used to drive active loudspeakers or power amplifiers and at the same time even connect a subwoofer. A high-quality class-A headphone amplifier rounds off the comprehensive list of features.

The preamp circuit layout is based on fully symmetrical amplifier assemblies from the professional studio sector, so-called FDAs (Fully Differential Amplifier). The use of these modules enables a fully balanced signal path with an extremely high resolution and very low interference. Likewise, the volume control is accomplished in a fully balanced way by means of a laser-trimmed resistor network. The analog volume control offers vital benefits over a digital design: while a digital volume control shows a decreasing resolution with small levels and a proportional increase of the converter interference, in an analog volume control both the resolution and the S/N ratio will remain the same. The result is a noticeably more musical and more finely textured sound at lower volume levels.


The musicbook uses one of the most advanced and also most stable streaming platforms on the market. Companies such as Naim, T&A or Revox have been successfully employed this platform for years. Owing to the joint involvement of more than ten manufacturers, the appropriate firmware and app keep getting further developed and thus akways remain up-to-date. The web update feature of the musicbook streamers makes these devices totaly future-proof. All streaming functions are controlled via one user-friendly app (Android or iOS). A special feature of the musicbook is a so-called command tunnel which allows to control all device functions through the app, e.g. the CD player as well! The streamer can be run via a LAN cable or wireless. Besides the network player operation mode there are other functions available like internet radio (vTuner) and wireless playback of music data on a smartphone (MyFiles). Via the USB host connection you can also play back music from USB sticks or harddisks. The streamer can handle virtually all existing formats and supports "gapless playback" just like HighRes formats. Using our convenient playlists, which can be individually tagged, you can easily and comfortably play back your favourite music.

CD Drive

The musicbooks are also available with a built-in CD drive. The high-quality slot-in drive from Japanese maker TEAC offers absolutely flawless reading properties, CD text functionality and can be controlled with the included remote, the app and the jog wheel. The CD drive takes full advantage of the high quality of the D/A converter in the musicbook. As a CD player the musicbook surpasses itself, offering a sound quality which even makes us wonder time and again! Rediscover your CDs! You’ll be amazed at the acoustic potential of this medium!

Remote Control

The high-quality remote control of the musicbook has been milled from solid aluminum. It offers ample operating functions for the CD player and the preamp. A distinctive feature is the built-in lithium ion accumulator which allows to recharge the remote via a USB cable. The state of charge can be displayed in the info menu!


The musicbook:app for iOS and Android

Fascinatingly easy.

Thanks to the musicbook: app operating the musicbook:20 becomes a cakewalk. In Source View mode you can choose between a multitude of sources and inputs like internet radio, music server, MyFiles, USB host, CD player and the digital and analog inputs.


Intuitive and fast.

In Browse View mode you can select which piece of music or radio station you would like to hear. The content of your music server, your smartphone or lists of radio stations are clearly displayed. It’s your choice now!

Press play and enjoy.

In Play View mode you can easily set the volume level or activate Mute and navigate through the respective album. Tapping on the cover will display all available meta data.



The musicbook: app is available free of charge for devices with Android (version 2.3 or higher) or iOS operating system (version 6 or higher).


Set Up & Connection



  • Mains voltage: 90 – 250 V, 50 - 60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 280 x 220 x 65 mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 3.50 kg
  • Power consumption: 0.2 W standby, 4 W network standby, 30 W max.
Network Player
  • Ethernet: 10/100 Mbit/s
  • WLAN: 802.11b, g, n. 2.4 GHz band. WEP, WPA, WPA2 safety support. External screw-in antenna
  • DHCP and static IP support
  • USB 2.0 host interface: fullspeed and highspeed mode. Charging of smartphones and tablets up to 2.1 A. Support of mass storage devices with FAT16/32 file system, e.g. USB sticks, USB harddisks, smartphones and tablets
  • Internet Radio: vTuner
  • Gapless playback with WAV, AIFF, FLAC, ALAC, MP3, DSD
  • Meta data support
  • Supported formats: MP3 max. 320 kbit/s VBR/CBR | WAV and AIFF max. 192 kHz / 24 bit | FLAC max. 192 kHz / 24 bit | ALAC max. 96 kHz / 24 bit | AAC | Ogg Vorbis | WMA (only Standard, no Pro and Lossless)
CD Player
  • Slot-in drive (TEAC) with premium mechanism
  • Superb reading properties
  • CD text support
  • Excellent jitter performance
Digital/analog converter
  • Inputs: two optical and two coaxial digital inputs (75 ohms) for SPDIF signals (LPCM) up to 192 kHz and 24 bit
  • Outputs: one optical and one coaxial digital output (75 ohms) for SPDIF signals
  • THD & Noise: <0.0005% (@ 0dBFS)
  • Dynamic range: >125 dB
  • D/A converter resolution: 352.8/384 kHz, 32 bit
  • Converter architecture:Anagram Sonic Scrambling DAC in dual-differential mono mode
  • Master clock: ultra stable dual-frequency clock with balanced clock lines (LVDS), jitter performance 250 femtoseconds
  • Multi-stage, synchronous data re-sampling
  • Jitter reduction:>60 dB
  • Digital filter: minimum phase "apodizing" filter
  • Output voltage: 2.50 V @ 0dBFS
Analog preamp
  • Inputs: analog line level inputs (RCA) with 10 kOhms input impedance
  • Outputs: one balanced (XLR) and one unbalanced (RCA) line level output with 100 ohms output impedance and 2.50V max. level (unbalanced) or 5V (balanced) resp.
  • Headphone connection: ?“ (6.35 mm) jack socket for headphones with 32 – 300 ohms impedance
  • Circuit design: fully balanced signal path with special audio FDAs, balanced, analog volume control 
  • Volume level control range: 0 to 99 with the following characteristic: 0 to 20 in 2 dB steps / 21 to 70 in 1 dB steps / 71 to 99 in 0.5 dB steps
  • Balance control range: +/- 6 dB in 1 dB steps
  • Maximum gain: 14 dB (5-fold)
  • Fixed line output (FLO) equals unity gain (0 dB), output voltage 2.50 V @ 0dBFS
  • Frequency response: 0 – 200 kHz (-3 dB)
  • THD & noise: <0.0005% @ 2.50 V output
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