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XTZ 100.49
Flagship Loudspeaker

XTZ Divine 100.49

Divine 100.49/ We claim it can?t be done any better for the money!

Divine 100.49 is the new flagship from XTZ.

A full-grown 3-way speakerusing state of the art components, built without compromises.

The Divine is equipped with "Top of the Line" drivers asXTZ wanted toprove that it is possible to build speakers that do not have to cost a fortune even if it contains the most expensive components.

XTZ Divine is built around the mid-range C173-T6-90 by German Thiel & Partner (Accuton).
The tweeter is a ceramic dome tweeter from German VISATON.
Woofersare 10"units with aluminum cones from Norwegian Seas.

XTZ Divine is prepared for fully active drive, but naturallyit worksverywellwith the regular passive filters as well.

XTZ Divine 100.49is the result of years of research and effort where the goal has always been to show that it is possible to make a loudspeaker in absolute world-class at a price no other manufacturer is even close to with these drivers.


Yes,XTZ want to raiseup the stakesa bit and havethereforeselected the Thiel & Partner C173-T6-90, one of the hifi worlds bettermidrange drivers, which can be foundin many highly respected high-end speakers.
Thiswas the starting point for developing the Divine speakers.

We chose a ceramic tweeter, an absolute top class unitfrom German VISATON.
For thebass, we knew from thebeginning that we woulduse SEAS 10" units with aluminum cone, a provenreference class driver.


The cabinet is designed withconvex sides in order to minimize internal standing waves. It adds to the stability ofthe design which becomes much morerigid than the usual plain sides.
It?s an extremely optimized design in everything from wall thickness, standing wave attenuation to inner volumes. The midrangeis mountedin a V-shaped cavity to suppress internal resonances.

Room Tuning options

The Divine speaker is equipped with our Room Tuning concept. The highly advanced crossover filter is equipped with our concept of adjustable levels for the drivers. This way, the listener can "tweak" the characterof the speaker to suit his particularlistening room andpersonal preference. For the Divine, we includedadjustmentoptions for all drivers. Further, theinternal crossover filter sectionscan beindividually bypassedto enable active drive for one or more drivers.

XTZ Divineis available in two versions: Black Piano paint, Walnut veneer


Type: 3-way speaker, two 10" drivers as woofer, one 7" midrange and one 25 mm/1" tweeter.

Dimensions: 432 x 1240 x 600 mm / 16.7 x 48.4 x 23.6 inch (W x H x D) (with feet)

Weight: 70 kg / 154 lb (pcs)

Impedance: 4-8 ohm

Nom. impedance: 4 ohm

Min. impedance: 3 ohm

Frequency Range: 25 Hz 25kHz, ?3 dB

Efficiency: 89 dB

Crossover frequencies: 250 Hz / 2500 Hz

Filter: 2nd order (12 dB/oct.) for the midrange. 3rd order (18 dB/oct.) for woofers & tweeter.

Magnetically shielded: No

Binding post: Gold-plated tri-wiring / Pole screw / Banana plug / Spade (Fork)

Power: 900 W Short term IEC 268-5, 450 W Long term IEC 268-5

Tweeter: Visaton ceramic dome tweeter. Magnetically shielded. Weight 1kg.

Midrange: Thiel & Partner C173N-T6-90, Neodymium magnet. Weight 3kg.

Woofer: SEAS, aluminum cone, aluminum frame, high flow basket, 3 kg magnet. Weight 4kg.

Front baffle: 38mm, Back baffle: 75mm, Side MDF at least 30 mm, M6 Spikes

Color: Black Piano & Walnut Veneer









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