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Class A CD Player


We are proud to present the latest version of our CD player, designed to match our range of products. The CD 100/11 is an updated version of the CD 100, and has for example got a new, faster software, new laser unit, new drive, new remote control with Random Play and uprated analog circuitry for optimum drive capabilities. The player is made almost completely from highly stable aluminum, enhancing the quality impression and providing a stable construction. A few key features of the CD-100/11 are:

  • Highest possible quality of connectors 
  • Analog class A output built with discrete components
  • Optical and coaxial digital outputs
  • Balanced outputs
  • Chassie mounted RCA- and XLR-connectors
  • Toroidal transformer, separate power supply for analog- and digital sections
  • Low output impedance for top drive capability
  • Separate system clock for minimum jitter
  • Relay based muting circuitry
  • Design with double shielded CD-mechanics and separately shielded boards for power supply and signal path
  • Standby via remote, display dimmer, single- all- and A-B repeat.
  • Reads CD/CD-R/HDCD/MP3 (also MP3 from DVD)
  • Front, sides and top completely made from highly stable aluminium
  • Very low mechanical noise level

Stable construction
XTZ CD100/11 is a well designed CD player where great care has been taken in the choice of components and solutions. The chassie is built using highly stable aluminum for maximum stability and heat dissipation. It also provides very good shielding properties. For the same reason we decided to use a toroidal transformer in the oversized power supply. The cabinet is designed to match the Class A100 D3 amplifier. The remote control is also solidly styled in aluminum.

Connecting options
We have equipped the CD 100/!1 with several outputs to enable connecting it to a wide range of other HiFi units. For example, on top of the usual RCA connectors there is a coacial digital output, Toslink and a analog balanced XLR output. All connectors are gold plated high quality units to eliminate problems with oxidation and contact resistance.

Top end performance
CD 100/11 is developed with sound performance in absolute focus. Many factors interact to reach the goal. A solid power supply is the first thing to consider. A clean and even power feed is just as important as the signal path circuitry itself. Equally important is to make sure outer and inner interference does not enter the signal path. For this reason we chose a toroidal transformer with minimum magnetic leakage. The circuit board layout is optimized for the lowest levels of noise and crosstalk possible, and use a Clean Ground system with floating ground.

CD 100/11 uses a "real" analog output stage, operated in class A mode with discrete transistors and components. This is more expensive, but far superior to the more commonly used solution with a simple IC that drives the outputs. The capability to drive signal cables properly is very important.

This is unique for the CD 100/11 in its price range, and similar solutions are normally not found other than in much more expensive players.

The DA converter itself is of course also of great importance. After having evaluated several DACs we decided to use the AD1955 from Analog Devices, which is a well documented high performance DA-converter. External I/V conversion helps enhance performance.


Construction type: CD Player
Dimensions (HxBxD): 110 x 443 x 370 mm (Including feet)
Weight: 9 kg
Frequency response: 20-20000 Hz (+/- 0.5dB)
Terminals: RCA, XLR, Coax & Toslink (The terminals are of top quality)


•Balanced output (XLR)
•RCA output
•Digital output (Coax)
•Digital output (Toslink)

•Channel separation: >= 95dB @ 1kHz
•S/N ratio: >=100dB (A Weighted)
•THD+N: 0.01% (1khz) 0.01%
•DAC A/D 1955
•HDCD decoder
•Plays mp3 from DVD-R









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