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XTZ Class A100 D3
Class A Integrated Amplifier

XTZ ClassA 100 D3


ؤõҧᾧѹ件ǹ Ҩ繤ҷҧǹ ا ҹ áͧ Ѵѧ Ҥǹ XTZ ഹաࡳԹ÷ءǤ..ҷ ѧ Ъҧþ·ءҧ駿ѧ蹷ẺѴ ҨẺ MM MC 㹵ǷҡԹ÷ Ҥ DAC 㹵ǴªԾдѺͻҧ Analog Device AD 1955 ӧҹдѺ 24bit/192 kHz ѺԹط੾дԨԵ֧ 5 ͧ ͹͡ա 4 ͧ ժͧ ѺٿѺҹͺ ҤẺѧ 50 ѵ лѺк AB Ẻѵѵҡѧ٧ ö¡÷ӧҹ繻оẺ¡ ѹմ¡öʹҹѧ ÷ӧҹդʶҧʹ ˹㴤ͤسҾ §Ẻͷ¹´˹ Ƕ֧ͧẺաûйջй Ե ҡҧ˹ǹͧ ˹һѷҹ˹˹Ҷ֧˹觹 ͧͧͨ͡ ҵ ҤҢͧͧ١ẺҤҷءẺ ʺẺ.. ͧԴͧ...§ 44,000 ҷҹ

Class A100 D3 Silver / A new High End class A amplifier

XTZ Class A100 D3 is a development of the previous model Class A100 D2, now made from highly stable aluminum, more inputs, modular construction and separately shielded sections. With the new version of this popular amplifier we have taken the next step to secure the position as the best amplifier on the market in its price range. Class A100 D3 is a unique amp, with both class A and class AB mode at a fantastic price. Choose between 2 x 180 watts in class AB mode, or 2 x 50 watts in class A mode. Dynamic peak power is 2 x 350 watts.

  • Class A mode up to 50 watts
  • Class AB modefor lowerpower consumption-selectable
  • High current capacity- 62 Amperes
  • Balanced symmetrical circuitry design
  • High precisions volyme control(0,5dB)
  • Newly developedergonomic aluminum remote control
  • Splitpre-andfinal amp
  • Modular constructionwith separatelyshieldedboards for power supply, output stages, digitaland analogsections
  • Heavychassismade fromhighly stablealuminiumforeffectiveheat dissipation
  • 22 kg

Class A 100 D3was designed to letyou choose between class A mode for the best possible performance, or class AB for maximum power. A robust, yet technically advanced product offers you perfect balance between high performance and a long lifespan.

When an amplifiers is designed the engineer has to consider a number of decisions. Class A mode can be used for optimum performance. Class AB mode is more commonly used as it offers much higher efficiency and reduced power consumption. The Class A100 D3 offers both options, conveniently selectable using the remote control.There is also an Auto-mode where the amp can switch mode by itself based on the temperature measured at the output stage.

Technical presentation
The amplifier is equipped to offer you top end performance. All inputs and outputs are gold plated high quality units. A powerful toroidal transformer guarantees an efficient power supply. Switching between inputs/signal sources is done using gold plated relays, to minimize distorsion and provide the shortest possible signal path.

All sections are separately shielded to minimize cross hearing and interference. Twin differential input stages and fully symmetrical circuitry through the complete signal path ensures perfect performance. The differentialcircuit helps suppress distorsion, especially the odd overtones. Theoutput stage itselfprovides High End performance thanks to the use of fast bipolar trasistors from Toshiba, which are also capable ofvery high output currents andhandling tricky load impedances.

The cabinet
The new cabinet design, with its softer and smoother edges, is in all essential parts made from highly stable aluminum. This enhances the impression of quality and provides a rigid construction. Outer interference is effectively shielded, and the aluminum helps with heat dissipation, spreading it evenly through the amplifier. A high precision volume control maintains a perfect balance between the channels, regardless of what level is selected.

LPplayer input
Having considered customers feedback we added a RIAA input to let you connect aLP player without having to use a separate preamp. The RIAA input can be used with both MM- and MC pickups.

Areas of use
The Class A100 D3 can be used together with other amps and preamps thanks to the PRE OUT and AMP IN connections. For example, you can connect a D3to drive the front speakers in a homecinema setup.There is also a SUB OUT to drive active subwoofers if desired


Construction type: Class A possible to switch over to class AB Size (HxWxD): 150 x 435 x 410 mm/460mm incl volume knob and speaker terminals (HxWxD) Weight: 22 kg Technical info

* Fully balanced low distorion circuit board design
* Zero servo technique
* Crystal chip CS3310 for volume regulation in 0,5dB steps.
* Gilded contact relays for switching of inputs / sources
* Large and legible VFD (vacuum fluorescent display)

Output power class AB
2x110W 8 ohm RMS
2x180W 4 ohm RMS
2x300W 2 ohm RMS
Output power class A
2x50W 8 ohm RMS Technical data

* Distortion: <0.03% (20hz to 20khz, 10w)
* Input sensibility : 1.0Vrms
* Damping factor: > = 100
* Input impedance: 20 kohm
* 4 output transistors per channel
* Ring-core transformer
* Phono amplifier (MM~2-5mV/MC~0,5mV)

Frequency range
5-50k Hz (non flatness <0.5db)

* Black/Silverwhite
* Silverwhite
* Black

Connections and settings

* 4st Line in
* 4st Coaxial input
* 1st Optical input
* 1st Pre Out (for external amp)
* 1st Sub Out (for an activ subwoofer)
* Gold-plated RCA connections
* Rec Out (for connecting to a tape recorder etc.)
* Amp In (for connecting directly to the power amplifier of Class A-100D)
* Solid gold-plated loudspeaker connections for banana plugs, fork plugs and screw plug
* Phono Amplifier (MM & MC)

Remote control in aluminium




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